AOA Travelling Fellowships 2016

ASEAN -American Traveling Fellowship (June 5-25, 2016).
Fellows meet up in LA, California and going to visit Orthopaedic centers in Utah, Colorado and end up in Seattle, Washington for the AOA Annual Meeting (June 21-25)
IOA:        Dr. Lia Marliana
MOS:      Dr. Kyaw Min
MOA:      Dr. Chye Ping Ching
POA:       Dr. Julyn Aguilar
RCOST: Dr. Chamnanni Rungprai
VOA:       Dr. Pham Hoang Lai
* None for Brunei & Singapore

AOA Senior Traveling Fellowship (July 17-August 2). To visit Group 2 countries
July 17(Sun) to 21        Meet in Jakarta
July 21(Thu) to 25       Fly to Singapore
July 25(Thu) to 29      Fly to Myanmar
July 29(Fri) to Aug 2  Fly to Vietnam
Aug. 2                            Fly to home country

AOA Junior Traveling Fellowship 2016 (Sept. 18-Oct. 8, 2016)
Sept. 18-22 (Sun-Thu)     Jakarta
Sept. 22-26 (Thu-Mon)   Fly to Singapore
Sept. 26-30 (Mon-Fri)     Fly to Vietnam
Sept. 30 -Oct 4 (Fri-Tues)Fly to Myanmar
Oct. 4-8 (Tue-Sun)           Fly to ChangMai, Thailand for AOA/RCOST Congress
Oct. 8 or 9                          Fly to home country

ASEAN / Australian-New Zealand Traveling Fellowship ( Oct 2-13)
Oct. 2-5                 Auckland, New Zealand (c/o Mr.  Richard Lander)
Oct. 6-8                 Melbourne, Australia (to visit Orthopaedic centers)
Oct 9-13                 Cairns, Australia (for the AOA/NZOA Combined meeting)
Traveling Fellows:
IOA         Edi Mustamir
MOS       Prof. Win Ko
RCOST   Dr. Surachai Sae Jung